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  • Sustainability as a way of life, a way of home

  • Designing in alignment with natural forces, not in defiance of them

  • Designing With and Within Nature

Welcome to CORE, a boutique architecture firm offering a holistic and integrated approach to real estate design and project management. We leverage our expertise in green technology with an appreciation of aesthetics and wellbeing to promote real estate that serves the health of residents and health of the environment alike.

Based in Algarve, Portugal, and with more 50 projects in the field of green design construction and interior architecture across Europe, we work with families and hotel operators to develop mixed-use real estate, including villas and eco-hotels.

Featured Villa

Villa GK

Villa GK is nestled in the picturesque landscape of the Algarve coastline, on a hill between wild thyme and rosemary. Here CORE transformed an old country home to a modern all-year-long wellness space. The modern, energy-efficient, yet uniquely authentic home provides maximum privacy while integrating with the community and environment, using CORE’s unique mix of green technology know-how and artistic vision. The project has gained local and global recognition, including an Honorable Mention in the prestigious 2018 Architecture MasterPrize.

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Before & After

Villa GK Before and After
vILLA GK Awards - architecture masterprize Core Architects


We are thrilled to be among the list of Honorable Mentions in the prestigious 2018 Architecture MasterPrize! Completed in the Algarve in 2017, Villa GK sits on a hill in the Algarve, and blends gently into the steep hillside. 

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