Harmonious, healthy living environments created by the ancient art of Feng Shui, combined with health- and environmentally beneficial building techniques.

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Buildings consisting of passive construction and design principles such as renewable energy sources, well insulated walls, natural building materials and water features. These are some of the things that make up a Near Zero Energy Building (NZEB).

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Spatial design is an umbrella term used to describe the combination of product interior design, architecture and urban design.

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An Ecological house is modelled on the energetic and material factors of its natural ecosystem, and enhances rather than degrades the environment.

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Our mission at CORE is to create unique architectural masterpieces by combining the best of modern, western technologies with ancient eastern philosophies. We are committed to design to an excellent standard, whilst adding further value to our projects through the application of innovative ecological and sustainable construction materials and low energy technologies of the latest available generation. The energy performance over the lifetime of our buildings and how they affect you is of paramount importance to us. Our expertise lies in designing extremely energy efficient and unique buildings with low heating/cooling demands. We strive to create harmonious living environments, specifically engineered for each clients’ individual needs.


Inspiration is the seed for everything great. Following the idea that simplicity is the highest form of sophistication, our inspiration is based on the simplicity of things. Smooth forms and shapes, natural materials and sleek design makes part of the signature style that sprouts from our inspiration. Our starting point is analysing nature, the specific area that is to be built upon as well as its environment- we then go further into detail until we have enough information to create the optimal result.

Excellence in ecological architecture