Our mission at CORE is to create unique architectural masterpieces by combining the best of modern, western technologies with ancient eastern philosophies. We are committed to design to an excellent standard, whilst adding further value to our projects through the application of innovative ecological and sustainable construction materials and low energy technologies of the latest available generation. The energy performance over the lifetime of our buildings and how they affect you is of paramount importance to us.

Our expertise lies in designing extremely energy efficient and unique buildings with low heating/cooling demands in sleek, contemporary designs. We strive to create harmonious living environments specifically engineered for each clients’ individual needs, to make your home a lifetime treasure for you.

Priding ourselves in incorporating the best concepts from around the world, we are specialised and experienced in a vast array of topics including green architecture, renewable energies, space optimisation, Feng Shui, project management and damp proofing. By combining or mix and matching these factors we are able to deliver an end to end tailor made solution for our clients. The advantage of this approach is that the client can pick the aspects of greatest importance to them, to suit their personal preferences and requirements.

We have gathered a wealth of experience in managing the local environmental challenges that are posed in different countries. Having worked on projects throughout the world, we have been able to witness first hand the varying building techniques used by different cultures and bring a selection of the ones we deem best to our clients. By teaming up with specialised international businesses, we offer a truly unique proposition that, we believe, sets us apart from other businesses in the field.





Inspiration is the seed for everything great. Following the idea that simplicity is the highest form of sophistication, our inspiration is based on the simplicity of things. Smooth forms and shapes, natural materials and sleek design makes part of the signature style that sprouts from our inspiration. Our starting point is analysing nature, the specific area that is to be built upon as well as its environment- we then go further into detail until we have enough information to create the optimal result.

“A great building must begin with the unmeasurable, must go through measurable (regarding design and concept) and in the end return to being unmeasurable- marking its presence just by its energies. Therefore presenting architecture as a type of visual art, and allowing the building to speak for itself.”

We evolve design concepts and details, technological applications and aesthetic approaches based on influences we extract from nature, involving our client as much as possible in developing their dream building. We strive for creating truly contemporary, progressive architecture and construction methods, suitable for the earth it’s built on as well as for you.