“Casa Gaveta” (the Drawer House) is a house that can be extended by 50 % of its initial footprint. Depending on the spacial needs of its inhabitants, it can expand or contract.

The project is an experimental project that investigates how a house can respond to the changing lifestyle of each season by relative transforming.

The main transformation that takes place is its expansion during the spring / summer period and its contraction in the autumn and in the winter. These transformations are easy to handle even for elderly people just by the push of a button. Anabela got awarded with the WIDER innovation price for this idea. She has submitted a patent on her idea and is waiting for a investor to come along in oder to produce the drawer house.


Casa Gaveta consists of two modules: the basic module and the complex module. According to their state of transformation, the modules of Casa Gaveta can be further categorised in open and closed mode.




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