Projects. HOUSE 372

Having sea views and living close to the golf course but please in an unconventional way … this was the approach for the design language of this large holiday home in Vale do Lobo.

Conspicuous design on the outside, the interior of the High house surprises with spacious, bright living areas providing maximum functionality and flexibility.

The starting conditions were anything but easy since the site is only 12m wide and the plot slopes about 5 m. Towards the street the house appears to be a one story bungalow. Its clean white clad fassade easily cover up the true dimension of this high house. Only an attentive observer will notice the true dimension of this giant. The rather unpretentious interior design with wooden floors and furniture as well as white walls and cabinet fronts complete to the subtle appearance.

White shading panels add accentuations of light and shade plays in the living areas designed in the shades of white.


Working, relaxing, or playing, the multifunctional area on the lower split-levels, offer all options. The actual finesse of the house lies in the detailing: on the one hand, functional room solutions ensure that the existing floor area is completely utilised and always allows access to the terraced outdoor spaces.

On the other hand the clients wish for flexibility is met even in the smallest spaces.
When opening the large sliding glass doors, the living areas on the ground floor and lower floors can be combined with the terraces. Even the basement, where sauna and gym are located are connected to a beautiful courtyard that provides access to the plot.


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