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In order minimise the impact on the building plot, the extension was built as an underground house, basically build into the hill.

Our surroundings influence our well being and affect not just our level of material comfort but also our physical and mental health. We examine how placement of the building within the landscape affects the living environment and how these interact with, and influence our personal space.
By implementing passive solar design our houses achieve the best possible energy performance.
The house is made of concrete, glass, and natural stone.
The huge window curtain along the south face provides the underground house with light. The exact calculated roof overhangs protect the interior from overheating in the summer but provides solar gains during the winter.
As a result, it is extremely well insulated, which means it keeps cool in the summer but heats up nicely during the day with average sunlight in the winter. The house holds the achieved indoor temperatures extremely well
overnight. Barley no additional heating or cooling is needed.


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