This project consists in the renovation of a single family house on which the main objective is achieving the standard of Passive Haus.
For this to be possible Core tried to transform and adapt the areas that where once pig sty, haylofts and ovens to actual standards that the client idealized according to his living needs, allowing a harmonious relation between wellbeing, comfort and sustainable and efficient construction.
The intervention focused in keeping the existing bearing walls extending the building to east, keeping the ridge heights but changing the shape, interior divisions ridge line and dimensions of the building increasing the implanting area from 216m2 to 247,8m2 for the same use.

Through the bioclimatic study the best orientation for the house was obtained, allowing to determine the thermal balance, the direct sunlight during summer and winter to provide a pleasant use in the interior and promoting the water cycles, using recyclable materials and sustainable construction techniques.


The thermal envelope of the walls will be aided by trombe walls capable of accumulating heat in the existing walls with more thermal passivity.

The building materials used are typically recyclable and with low co2 footprint levels such as rammed earth, shale, ceramic bricks /tabicesa ceramic tiles and wood. To this elements was added triple glazed windows that allow to achieve a constant anual temperature of 20ºC lowering the energetic consumption by 80%.
The intent is that the extension and renovation of the works assure a stable, durable, low energy, and a good living space, achieving a sustainable building and creating a rural living and environment friendly built.


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