Projects. ZEN II

All rooms are oriented towards the sea with an ocean view. The use of natural building materials, such as wood and green roofs, helps the house blend in with nature. A natural, drinking-water pool further reduces the chemical impact on nature.

The use of the same natural building materials that were utilised in the original farm house (such as natural stone, wood and clay) connects the two opposing architectural languages of the building. As it materialistically blends with nature, its futuristic design sets it apart from most natural buildings. By switching out a chemical chlorine or salt water pool with an all natural drinking-water pool, we disturb the natural eco-system even less.

The plot extends over 5,230 square meters and olive, almond and orange trees dominate the landscape. Since the trees are very old and beautifully grown, the design of the extension was developed around the trees without needing to move or cut them.


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