Projects. ZEN II

All rooms are oriented to the sea with sea view. The use of natural building materials such as wood and Green roofs brings the house close to nature. A natural pool reduces the impact on nature. 

In Phase two, the extension of Casa Zen was carried out. In the new part, all rooms are facing  the sea. The use of the same natural building materials as in the original farm house such as wood, clay and natural stone connects the two totally different architectural languages of the buildings.  A natural drinking-water- pool reduces the impact on nature.

The plot has 5230,00m2  and olive, almond and orange trees predominate the landscape. Since the trees are very old and beautifully grown, the design of the extension was developed along the trees without needing to move or cut them.


The shape of the new part of Casa ZEN resulted from the bioclimatic study and the topographic survey, respecting the existing vegetation, essential for a good energy performance. Due to the solar and wind impact, the north facade is closed and compact. To the south, in order to catch the sun, the building opens like a fan.

The video below shows the simulation of the shade and sun penetration in the house. The aim is to have shade in the summer and as much sun as possible shining in the house in order to passively heat the house.

summer winter radiation_ZEN_v2.mp4


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