“Always having had a passion for sustainable architecture, I completed my studies at the most traditional building school (HAWK University of Applied Sciences and Arts) in Germany, 1997.

My first place of employment was a software development company. There, my job role included consulting large architectural departments such as Mercedes Benz in Stuttgart, on maximising their planning efficiency.

In February 1999 I decided it was time to re-focus on sustainable architecture, for the benefit of future generations. This is when I first founded my architectural office “ZEN-Architektur” in Kaiserslautern, Germany.

In 2003 I relocated the “ZEN Architektur” office to German capital Berlin. There, from 2004 until 2006 we built the first ever Feng Shui and green architecture Kindergarten in Germany. During this time I also specialised myself in low energy houses, shop design according to Feng Shui principles and obtained a Feng Shui Master certification from China.

After being in Germany for 37 years, I moved back to my place of birth (Algarve, Portugal) in order to bring my knowledge on sustainable architecture and low energy building technologies to a country where the sun shines 1,860 hours per year. Having such an abundant source of renewable energy, Portugal is the ideal place for Passive and Zero energy houses. This is when ZEN-Architektur turned into CORE Architects.

Despite having my office in Portugal permanently, I regularly travel to Germany to consult with clients there and to continue to develop Feng Shui and other low energy projects. Having an additional base in London, I am very fortunate to also have the opportunity to work in England. Please do not hesitate to contact us should you not be based in Portugal- we are happy to visit your requested location.”  -Anabela Macieira