As architects we feel responsible of observing the change of personal , social and environmental needs. Nature has always had a profound influence on architecture in both aesthetic and functional terms. For centuries people have looked to nature for an understanding of process or indeed for inspiration. We observe, identify, relate to possible improvements and investigate new solutions in order to improve wich ever issue was identified. By re-evaluating, thinking out of the box, we find new forms of application of materials and new technologies in more sophisticated means. It is never a simple process but always a very exciting process of a bespoke design-work for a new form of building project and produce innovative structural solutions.

We dare to be innovative – and we invite you as our client to go on this journey finding new ways of dealing with materials and building techniques and to create outstanding never seen spaces.



Feng Shui is based on the premise that human beings contain and are surrounded by a subtle field of electro magnetic energy known as Qi (Chi) in China. Qi is the live energy that surrounds us – it is the Universal energy. It flows throughout our planet, through the entire solar system and galaxy, and surrounds us constantly. It is within us and all around us. The influence of Feng Shui in the build space is achieved by specifically developing a concept around colours, materials, forms, lighting, smells, temperature, and sounds.

Everything that is alive is filled with Qi. Some of us have a huge amount of Qi, others less. Qi can be uploaded – If you consider your body as a deposit for Qi (Universal energy), you may understand that there are several ways to increase your Qi level through balanced nutrition, exercise, time in pleasing environments, positive thinking and supportive social networks (friends & family).

By using Kirilian photography, it is possible to picture Qi energy. It looks like a multi-coloured gas flame around any living creature. In humans the colour and shape changes depending on emotional responses and human well being. When we are born, we have the biggest amount of Qi. After puberty our Qi Level starts reducing according to negative impacts in our lives. To increase our personal Qi we need to become in balance with ourselves and our surroundings. For this purpose, we use the Asian philosophy of Feng shui.