By Anabela Macieira

Cozy balconies – Because spring can still be a chilly season, make your balcony dreamy, but also cozy. Make it perfect for lazy days, long nights and rainy moments when all you want to do is sit on the balcony and enjoy the view. Here are 7 cozy balconies you will adore this season:

1. Cozy treat This idea is just perfect for a small balcony, all you have to keep it mind is making this space cozy, yet elegant. Choose stylish knitted or furry covers for the chairs and decorate your table with reed or spring flowers and serve any meal in your favorite dishes

2. Let it be Spring Celebrate the blooming spring outside and choose at least one small rug for your balcony. Rugs and carpets keep this space cozy and also, they make it look like an extra room of your home. Choose comfy sitting areas and decorate this space with your favorite flowers.

3. The Moroccan style is pretty popular for a warm season’s balcony and it’s also a pretty cozy style if you choose carpets, white curtains, a lot of pillows and dreamy lights, in all forms. So, keep it mind you have to make this space magical and cozy so add as many candles and lights as you wish, but also green plants, spring flowers and a dreamy pattern mix.

Image Credits: Pinterest

4. If you love the sea and you want it in your home, make your balcony sea themed. Start with a small fence made out of dry reed and then add sea themed elements all around this space. Rattan and green plants will make your balcony amazing, but also a neutral color palette will look brilliant in it.

5. Natürlich Make a space cozy and nature themed. To make your balcony match the nature vibe, choose woven chairs and tiny tables and decorate them with stylish blankets. Then, decorate all the space with your favorite tiny and oversized plants. Beautiful, right?

6. Perfect nights: Practical and cozy, this balcony can be a Midsummer night’s dream! Choose an indoor lookalike carpet that will make this space stylish and cozy and decorate all the sitting areas with printed pillows. Also, surround this space with woven deco elements and organize all your green plants on a dreamy shelf.

7. A normal balcony will look magical with lights and also it will look darling during the nights. Besides, lights, make this space cozy with a woven swing and a mix of knitted pillows, covers with frills and neutral carpets. Also, you can imagine you’re in the nature by adding oversized green plants around the sitting area.