Creating nature-inspired, uniquely designed homes and hotels that support the holistic health of residents as well as the integration with the surrounding environment.

This vision is based on the values of authenticity, innovation and a consideration for people and the natural environment – values that define our work and design philosophy. In our studio and throughout our interactions, we live what we preach.

Our commitment to supporting local design and manufacturing, combined with our efforts to bring affordable sustainable architecture to as many people as possible, enables us to positively impact the wider community and the environment we live in.

We apply the latest ecological materials and low-energy technologies to produce energy efficient buildings that contribute to comfort and wellbeing, without compromising the sleek, contemporary designs that CORE has become famous for.

Our knowledge in the latest construction standards is invaluable in developing accurate projections of cost and timing. This knowledge also plays an important role in our ability to determine the most viable forms, materials, finishes, systems and maintenance requirements for each project, ensuring that we both address the brief and meet the budget.

To further create harmonious living environments that are authentic to the resident’s needs and to the surrounding environment, we leverage our years of design experience in interior space optimization. Our in-house team engineers and project managers provide additional services to help meet local regulations and ensure delivery on schedule and within budget.

Our Partners

Our work wouldn’t be the same without our trustworthy partners.