7 Tips to a cozy balcony

By Anabela Macieira

Cozy balconies – Because spring can still be a chilly season, make your balcony dreamy, but also cozy. Make it perfect for lazy days, long nights and rainy moments when all you want to do is sit on the balcony and enjoy the view. Here are 7 cozy balconies you will adore this season:

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the future is bright solar hydrogen revolution

The Future is Bright

Today, we rely on batteries of all shapes and sizes to power our homes, our cars and just about every portable device on the market.

As our technology and lifestyle choices continue to become smarter and more advanced, by comparison, the batteries that power our progress don’t seem to have evolved at all… or have they?

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vintage old antique bicycle bike

All Is Not What It Seems…

In the supermarket queue, the young cashier tells an older lady, “You should bring your own bags for your shopping.  Plastic bags are not environmentally friendly.”

The lady apologized and said, “Sorry, there was none of this ‘green talk’ at all in my day.”

The boy replied: “Yes, and that is exactly our problem today, ma’am.  Your generation did not care enough about the environment.  Our environment.”

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