What’s trending in architecture: Some BAU 2019 inspirations 

From wood made up of decaying organic material to fully integrated smart homes to various smart home gadgets, 2019 is proving an exciting year for innovation in architecture. Read more Anabela’s favourites from the world’s leading architecture conference that was held last January in Munich,  and remember the best smart technology and innovation is first and foremost the one that makes you feel good and comfortable in your home.

What do architects actually do? 

Architects are often involved in all phases for a construction project, from initial concept design through final delivery of the completed project. At CORE, our services extend to interior design, project management, engineering services and legal consultation related to local building permits.

Meet the team and listen to their stories as they explain their role and motivation for working in architecture.

Architecture that adapts to changing weather conditions

Throughout history, people have found ways to leverage local material and techniques to cope with changing weather conditions. While relying on technology advances such as electricity, air conditioning and mechanical heating to create a comfortable living space, architects can leverage the natural landscape and material used by our ancestors to keep warm and the energy bills down.

Read more about CORE experience in regulating temperature in architecture design.


• Wellness real estate was a $134 billion worldwide industry in 2017.*
• Since 2015, wellness real estate has grown every year by 6.4% as more and more consumers want to extend their wellness experiences from their vacation destinations to their homes.*
• The wellness concept is transforming the hotel experience, as it lies at the powerful intersection of two massive, booming industries: the $2.6 trillion tourism industry and the $4.2 trillion wellness market.*
• 80% to 90% of our health outcomes are intimately tied to where and how we live.**

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