HOTEL Brazil

The increasingly fast-pace modern lifestyle, and with it the need for mental and physical wellbeing, has contributed to the rise of medical tourism sector. With the support of a private institution, a city in the south of Brazil sought to create a multi-use complex to develop a concept around medical assistance, professional training and content provision.




The project was developed under the leadership of architect Eduardo A. Moerschbaecher and divided into two zones, the first called Boulevard and covering leisure and relaxation time. This was especially relevant in the large esplanade that housed rest areas, where there were metallic trees, formed by photovoltaic panels capturing sunlight and providing energy efficiency to the building. The same trees were able to capture rainwater and distribute them in water mirrors, providing thermal comfort as well as serving the sanitary facilities and watering the local vegetation.

The second zone, called the Hospital Complex, was related to the medical side and incorporated a commercial zone offering services to attend the users of the complex, as well three towers. The three towers included a day hospital with clinics and surgical blocks, a hotel that housed travelers and a residential building with apartments intended for professionals and management. These three towers were connected by walkways, with the largest having a panoramic restaurant with a view of the entire city. The walkways, as well as the shopping center, had landscaped roofs and access to the public, creating a more ecological and pleasant environment.

To help create a unique architectural concept, a metallic grid was used, moulding the facade and structures of the building to the point of transmitting the impression that the two floors were one. These grids were used in the three towers and were distinguished by a movement between metal and wood, while providing fresh air and an opening to the outdoor garden environment.

Plot Size: 11.800,00 m²
Classification of Plot: Urban (Mix Use)
Construction Area: 65.000,00 m²
Numbers of buildings: 3 towers: A medical center, hotel with 200 suites, 200 apartments
Specifications: Passive-house and ecological materials such as clay plaster, wooden roof and green roof
Construction Time: 36 months
Budget: 1800,00 € / m² 
Total: approximately 120.000.000,00 €
Project type: New-build of extension.


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