This apartment was given a make-over for a luxurious feel in the heart of Vilamoura.




This apartment was refurbished and transformed into a spacious two- bedroom apartment by changing the layout of the space.

The previous layout offered a corner kitchen in one of the rooms which functioned as a living room. We moved the kitchen into the spacious entrance and transformed the former kitchen into an en-suite bathroom.

The finished apartment provided a room to the west with an ensuite bathroom and sufficient space for a king size bed, comfortable sofa and four seat dining table, in addition to a big covered balcony which provided sea view. The room to the left opened up to the south and provided direct stunning sea views. Both rooms were made equally big (45 sqm) and provided space for an open space living dining and resting area. 

The design proved perfect for holiday rentals, as it allowed occupants to enjoy the proximity to Vilamoura Marina and beautiful beaches within a five minute walk. 

The chosen architectural style, a rustic industrial style, was chosen in order to present the beauty of rough materials and go with the style of 30-year old building, the first high flat apartment building ever built in Vilamoura. Chosen tiles ended abruptly in the rough concert walls and the old patina look on the walls had been drawn in the plaster with a specific technique by a local artist. The furniture was designed to be made out of old recycled wood. Lamps hung from the ceiling without lampshade. Rustic charm created an inviting atmosphere for the holiday guests helping them feel comfortable and not stressed about breaking any delicate interior furniture.

Plot size: 100.00 m²
Classification of plot: Rustic
Construction area: 100 m²
Number of rooms: 3
Specifications: Refurbishment,Interior design, Feng Shui concept
Construction time: 4 months
Budget /m2: 300€/ m²
Type of project: House alteration and extension

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