alexander bogorodskiy

Born and raised in Russia, I am an architectural photographer currently based between Porto and Algarve.

I consider myself very lucky to have discovered my passion early on. My first job in Portugal was in a boutique real Estate agency where I got immersed in the world of properties and architecture. This job also gave me a chance to try my hands on photographing houses. Soon I realized that I was getting more and more captivated by the process of shooting beautifully designed homes, so shortly after I quit the company to pursue a career of a photographer.

In my work I put emphasis on creating highly accurate architectural images using only natural light, while also leaving myself a room for creativity. I believe that the purpose of this craft is not only to document the architect’s creation, but also to show the scale, the meaning and aesthetics of the project.

I find myself closely collaborating with CORE since 2017 in everything image-related, as well as taking care of project communication and publishing.

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