Q19 - Casa Estrela

Nearly zero energy home

Casa Estrela emerges into view through the lush vegetation when driving on “cul de sac”- road.

The ambition of the project was to create a bold, contemporary mansion which referenced and evolved the prevalent typology. The distinguished context of the design represents the desired architectural spirit in uniqueness and personality.

The articulation and architecture are carefully controlled in a rhythmical and repetitive composition. This approach results in a defined arrangement of distinct volumes, expressive of the plan within.  The unconventional ground plan is pushed and pulled to create a series of visually interconnected spaces in plan and in section.

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Casa Estrela is a house with elegant design and excellence, which will provide a healthy, sustainable and unique space, based on modern lifestyle requirements: It is the first NZEB (building with almost zero emissions) in Quinta do Lago, with great energy efficiency and low ecological footprint. This is achieved through several key factors in the design of the house.

One of them is the way the house is oriented. As the name says, it resembles the shape of a star, because the different volumes are oriented in several directions. The northern volume has the role of a cold buffer; the active areas of the house are oriented from northwest to south, and the openings to the northwest allow views of the Quinta do Lago golf course. In the southwest orientation, care was taken in the placement of new trees that would protect the house from the prevailing winds and street views, ensuring greater privacy of the house.

Another factor is the set of breathing spaces that are found within the building, such as the central courtyard, the large lung of the house, and the voids on the basement floor, which allow for better ventilation. Also to ensure ventilation, the pool will be positioned to the south, allowing fresh air to circulate inside the house and hot air to escape through the patio. Still within the exterior spaces of the house, we have the private terraces of each room, which extends them to the outside, creating a greater relationship with it.

An important factor in this building will be the use of environmentally friendly materials that are not harmful to health, preventing health issues (more common in inhabitants of conventional buildings), since the house has a contemporary design with influences from Portuguese culture.

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Plot Size
2937 m²
Plot Classification
Build Area
538 m²
Number of Rooms
Construction time
18 months
Project Type