Casa Gaveta

Eco Design & Feng Shui concept

The Drawer House

Casa Gaveta (the Drawer House) is a house that can be extended by 50 % of its initial footprint. Depending on the spatial needs of its inhabitants, it can expand or contract.

The project was an experimental project to investigate how a house can respond to the changing lifestyle of each season by relative transformation.

The main transformation that takes place is the expansion of the house during the spring and summer period and its contraction in autumn and winter. These transformations are easy to handle even for elderly people just by the push of a button. CORE founder Anabela was awarded an innovation prize for this idea which has since been patented. Casa Gaveta consists of two modules: the basic module and the complex module. According to their state of transformation, the modules of Casa Gaveta can be further categorised in open and closed mode.

Plot Size
300 m²
Plot Classification
Build Area
50 m²
Number of Rooms
Project Type
Growing micro-home