Villa 372

Ecological Passive House

Comfort, versatility in the heart of Vale do Lobo, Algarve

The design approach of this large holiday home in Vale do Lobo was based on its unique location in proximity to the sea view and a golf course. The property had a conspicuous design on the outside, with the spacious and bright living areas on the inside surprising anyone who walked in because of their functionality and flexibility.

The starting conditions of this project were challenging, as the building site was only 12 meters wide. Exacerbating this challenge, the plot sloped down approximately 5 meters. The street view of this house suggested a simple, modest single-story bungalow. Its clean, white-clad facade easily deceived the beholder and covered up its true dimensions. Facing away from the street, the house opened up spaciously into the garden, harmoniously accompanying the undisturbed 5-meter slope.

The interior of the house was a compromise between the unpretentious facade and the lavish inside of the house. Wooden floors and furniture combined with white walls and cabinet fronts provided a sleek and subtle appearance, decorated by playful light accentuations coming through white shading panels on the windows.

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The actual finesse of the house lied in the details. Functional room solutions ensured that all space was fully utilised while ensuring that residents always had access to the terraced outdoor spaces.

By opening large, sliding glass doors in the living areas on the ground and lower floor, the rooms could be merged with the open-air terraces. Even the basement, complete with sauna and gym, was connected to a beautiful and quaint courtyard that also provided access to the garden.

Whether working, relaxing, or playing, the multifunctional area on the lower split-levels offered multi-use options. The actual finesse of the house lied in the detailing. On the one hand, functional room solutions ensured that the existing floor area was completely utilised and always allowed access to the terraced outdoor spaces. On the other hand, the clients wished for flexibility even in the smallest spaces. When opening the large sliding glass doors, the living areas on the ground floor and lower floors could be combined with the terraces.

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Plot Size
1270 m²
Plot Classification
Build Area
315 m²
Number of Rooms
6 Bedrooms and 6 bathrooms
Project Type