Hospitality and leisure

5 Star Countryside Hotel

Eco-friendly , Energy Efficient

Creating an Algarvian Golf and Wellness Destination

Located in most beautiful algarvian landscapes, this true oasis of tranquility and nature is designed to keep visitants away rom crowds and mass-tourism.

The idyllic landscape provides the ideal place to embed a hotel and a 9-hole golf course among lakes, olive, cork and oak trees, as well as slope terrains with wide countryside views. The aim was to integrate the property within this surrounding landscape, dividing it into five interconnected sections that meander gently along the terrain. The dominant orientation of the hotel is south facing, in order to benefit from the Algarvian sunshine and its famous blue skies.

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The hotel will provide all key services and facilities of a five-star hotel – including spacious and bright accommodation units: a spa & gym area, seven gastronomic highlights, where the kitchen provides local recipes with international finesse, the groceries are provided by local farmers. Fresh and bio quality – granted, indoor and outdoor swimming pool and two tennis courts – but with a more authentic design and construction based on the latest sustainability standards, eco-friendly materials and high energy-efficiency technologies. The results aims for a modern, organically  shaped building that combines sustainable construction methods with eco-friendly materials and energy-efficiency technologies.

Although the Algarve is known for its great climate, the thermal fluctuations are very large and the nights can be quite cool. CORE therefore plans to use thermal bricks produced in Portugal combined with also in Portugal produced cork-panel-insulation. We place equal importance to the use of local materials as well as to optimising energy performance. Good insulation is a crucial consideration as we are seeking to create a self-sustainable hotel design. The team is working closely with the client to prioritise sustainability and wellness across all aspects of the project, creating a hotel experience, that is truly authentic and promotes a holistic and healthy lifestyle for its occupants.

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Plot Size
14,63 ha
Plot Classification
Build Area
20 308,96 m²
Number of Beds
2400€/ m²
Project Type
New-build 5 star Golf Hotel
Construction time
3 years