Villa AH

Eco Design & Feng Shui concept

An Algarvian Beach House

This special beach house, with its unique location in the heart of Quinta do Lago, Algarve’s most prestigious residential area, was built by two German ladies who discovered the Algarve 40 years ago. The new owner of the house, the CORE client, fell in love with it the first moment she set foot in it. After long negotiations with the two original owners, she was finally able to call it her own.

With a lot of care and attention to detail, the client set a specific vison for the house. It should keep and even emphasize its rough and strong character that it had been forced to acquire in oder to withstand the strong forces of the beach weather and it should let all the beautiful Algarvian light into all rooms.

Situated on a soft-sloped plot within a forest of Iberian pine trees with small but very distinct, view lines to the ocean and facing South, the house provided perfect conditions for a Feng Shui-inspired home by the ocean. The general orientation of the house created the ideal energy flow for the client, reflecting her strong and uniquely authentic character.

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The CORE team began by adding a few important Feng Shui adjustments, like centring the entrance door and making it North-facing. In addition, CORE revitalised an existing, but neglected, patio, as a featured connection of earth and heaven, while at the same time making the patio part of the kitchen area and a visual extension of the smallest bedroom.

The requirements for the layout were very clear: The client wanted to extend the amount of space in her new home to double the sized area of the living space with a two-story extension. Open-space living, as well as connecting inner and outdoor space, were some of her key priorities. In addition, as a mother of three grown-up daughters, each one used to bringing friends over, and with four dogs and one cat, she didn’t want to be worried about delicate materials or damaged surfaces.

The client also prioritized the use of authentic materials and appliances over modern or high tech “snobby chique”. She chose rustic natural stone and wood for the flooring, rough linen, and wood for furniture and interiors, un-manicured concrete stairs, micro-cement uneven plaster and Crittal windows. Old fashioned toilets, with high tanks and chain to pull the water, installed light switches, and rustic metal stands for the heavy natural stone wash-basins contributed the rustic character of this house.

As a boutique sustainability and wellness architecture firm, CORE attaches great importance to locally sourced as well as ecological building materials. This combination is not always linear to solve, but we were able to meet the client’s wishes and stick to local sourcing.

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Plot Size
943 m²
Plot Classification
Build Area
182 m² extended to 265 m²
Number of Rooms
4 & 4 bathrooms
Project Type
Refurbishment and extension