Villa BJ

Passive climatization, patio, natural stone, green roof, modern vs rustic, underground home

In order to minimise the impact of building on the plot, the extension was built as an underground house- basically built into the hill. With every project, the CORE team examines, examine how the placement of a building within the landscape affects its environment and how it interacts with or influences personal space. By implementing solar systems and other passive energy resources, we aim to achieve the best possible energy performance.

The house was made of concrete, glass and natural stone. The large window which extended along the entire south facade of the house provided the underground house with light. The carefully and precisely calculated roof overhanged and protected the interior from overheating in the summer, while providing solar gains during the winter. The house holds the achieved indoor temperatures extremely well overnight thanks to thorough insulation. Barely any additional heating or cooling is needed.

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Plot Size
2525 m²
Plot Classification
Build Area
435 m²
Number of Rooms
Project Type
Refurbishment and extension