Villa RH

EcoDesign & Feng shui concept

“The house doesn’t sit straight on its hill“

Everyone says “ the house doesn’t sit straight on its hill “ This is the first that come to mind  ou when friends visit the new-build for the very first time and indeed the turned facade towards the ocean is what makes this house stand out from its aligned neighbourhood.

The property owners, a couple that was about to enter its early retirement understood immediately the importance of this rotation for the energy performance of the house and the resulting non-symmetric diagonal lines of the house design.

Turning the house toward the sun, but the same time turning the terraces away from it.

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An West algarvian holiday home sitting within the beach cliffs of Vila do Bispo- Quinta da Fortaleza

On only 160 m2 building area, the house is designed for many different occasions.

Being embraced by two dead-end roads ,it can be equally accessed from the lower street level in the south as as well from the upper street level to the north.

Both levels are equipped with an entertaining area, bathroom and kitchen, and both levels provide stunning outdoor spaces with pools and sun terraces.

The level, that we call the upper floor is reached by the road to the north. Here, you can find the shaded Parking and the main entrance door.

On this level the clients wished for a spacious living-room with a modern rotating fireplace as a design feature in the middle of the big south facing windows. A kitchenette and a spacious  bathroom allows for guests to stay over independently.

A sleek white CORIAN staircase leads to the private area with a big open space kitchen, dining ,outdoor terraces and swimming pool. On this level, is also the couples bedroom – facing west and catching east sun in the morning.

The onsite rotating terraces and shades turn this house into a special and unique tiny  masterpiece and the same time allow the intended play with sun and Shade.

Also, as wind is a Hughe matter in this area- dominate winds had be “closed off” by the rotation of the terraces .

Our houses always define the clients living habits , much of our leisure time is spent at home. Therefore  it is crucial for us to understand our clients day to day routines and preference . This is why we believe our standard of living and our quality of life depends to a large extent on the building – quality of our houses.

We improve the levels of comfort by improving the home ambience plus their energy consumption.

Every new build  is an opportunity to create a comfortable, healthy space, helping our clients save money by making the right choices.

Being a specialist on energy efficient and comfortable homes makes us valuable for our clients at any stage of the project.


Keeping energy bills down is important to overcome energy poverty, which is an important issue across Europe.  Since the building sector accounts for almost 40 per cent of carbon-dioxide emissions from combustion. The technology exists to do this, and has been adopted and tested in several countries.

Yet achieving energy efficiency in residential buildings remains a major challenge. I

A in all our projects, CORE used thermal clay tiles with mortar-free butt jointing , Cork insulation for walls and roofs and high perforce double gassed windows .

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Plot Size
700 m²
Plot Classification
Build Area
160 m²
Number of Rooms
1 bedroom & 2 bathrooms
Construction time
12 months
Project Type